I can always tell when it’s a test week because all I want to do on Friday is curl up and go back to bed.  It doesn’t help that it is grey and rainy out. . .  BUT I have a test to take today- so a little cramming/looking things over was needed.  Breakfast was easy and good today

Coffee of course, some yogurts with a chunk of homemade granola bar in it

Yep doesn’t that look yummy.  I wish I could say that was all the homemade granola bar that made it’s way into my belly-but in all truth and honesty I nibbled a lot as I bagged two to take to my friends.  Only putting that much in my bowl was my attempt to go with a little (little  being the key word) portion control.  You know how that works.

In honor of our probiotic lesson- my TA gave us probiotic yogurt.  She had a lot of different brands but I hit the jackpot and got a stonybrook field yogurt

I hadn’t had stonyfield in a long time and I forgot how much I love how it’s not sugary sweet.  Just has a hint of sweetness.  Well a busy day is ahead of me.  I need to take my test, workout, come home and shower, return to class, and babysit.  My laundry also needs to get done and then I’m headed home for the weekend.  I’m “little brother” sitting this weekend.  Side note, my little brother is 18 and does not need me, my Mom just likes it better if we are both home so she knows he comes home at night.



For the last four days we have had rain in our forecasted and while it’s been grey it did not start raining until tonight.  On my way home from babysitting it started coming down.  Doesn’t look like it will stop for the next few days.  SO bring on the rain- let it wash away and clean up after our winter.

It will be nice to clean things up again and the trees will green up a little more.  The buds on the trees started appearing this week and I’m thinking after this rain things will even look better!

My workout today was enjoyable.  I had a little extra time because I finished my test early.  I hit the gym and did 20 minutes elypical and 15 minutes on the bike while waiting for a friend.  We ran for a good hard 40 minutes and caught up on life.  My stomach was feeling a little funny but we had a lot of fun.

I wanted a simple lunch and needed some veggies and some caffeine. . . SO

two carrots and some black tea really hit the spot.

I learned about pre and pre biotics in class today!  Very interesting. take away message

probiotics are good for you but prebiotics are amazing for you!

must do more research on prebiotics

Dinner tonight was at Panera while studying the heart- test on the cardiovascular system in the morn

I again went with veggies and lean meat.  A Asian chicken salad with a whole grain baggett on the side.  This really hit the spot but to be honest with you- had a little more dressing than I normally like.

Babysitting went great and on the way home I picked up the things I needed to make granola bars.  Two of my good friends have a huge biochem test after our cardiovascular test on Friday.  Biochem is the hardest class we have to get through and for them it’s even harder.  They have the crap teacher.  I will have a better teacher this summer- but that still means I have to work like a dog for 6 weeks.  I wanted to make them some granola bars so they had something fun. . .

I may have nibbled some banana (okay a bunch) of banana chips and a little granola bar dough.  I’m actually a little full right now- woops 🙂

SO last night while studying I got a really strong case of the nibbles.  I honestly think I nibbled through everything. . .  carrots, hummus, cereal, and pretzels.  Yeah not good I know.  I’ve been trying to not do this and I’ve honestly made it a few weeks nibble free.  Yesterday, while studying the nibbling came back.  I wish I could say I resisted- but I gave in.  SO I’m starting over again today.  Fresh start today- and the fresh start began with

A breakfast cookie and coffee.  The breakfast cookie consists of oatmeal, 1/2 banana, a small amount of peanut butter, a scoop of protein powder, and about a half a cup of milk.  This really really hit the spot.  I hope it keeps me full through my test this morning.

Plus some very strong and very good coffee

This really really hit the spot.  Plus it woke me up and made me ready to take on the day.  Which is a good thing because I have a test and a lot of studying to do. Yeah Management and Anatomy!

I also thought I’d go ahead and how you lunch because I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to post it.

I know SO Exciting!  But I promised honesty.  It’s a busy day and after last nights nibble fest I’m really not all that hungary today.  SO I’m taking an apple and a balance bar.


Well back to studying a little more.  It’s nice enough weather that I can take my bike to class.  I’m looking forward to a little breathing time before I sit down for the test.

I spent my whole bike ride home trying to convince myself I wanted a salad.  I mean- I’ve hardly had any vegetables today and I love salads.  I love how diverse I can make then and all the fun ingredients I can throw in. . .

But the Salad lost-

and greek yogurt won


WOW I need to work on lighting- sorry about that!  The mess really hit the spot though


That would be about a cup of kashi go lean and greek yogurt with some honey drizzled on the side an apple and a random bit of PB and J that sounded wonderful

I know veggies would have been smarter from a health standpoint but form a yummy standpoint this meal really hit the spot.  Sometimes I think it’s best to just listen to your body.



4 mile run just to feel

20 minutes on my bike to and from bootcamp class

bootcamp class- which was sadly not as hard as it was on monday.  I think my muscles really missed the workout.  I now know that when life gets busy skipping Wednesday bootcamp is not the end of the world

Studying to do- test in the AM


So today I got an invite to a kids birthday party.  Although it was not an actual kids birthday party. . . It was a project for my menu planning class.  This week was my groups week to sit back and eat.  In two weeks we cook.


The place settings- very cute huh!

Their cute center piece.  This room is maybe the ugliest conference room EVER. It’s really hard making up for the ugly but they did a good job.

Lunch was fun and kid friendly

That would be chicken nugetts, macaroni soup, sweet potato fries, bow tie pasta, a breadstick and a fruit cup.  Yep I’m stuffed!

and for dessert

A ice cream cone cupcake!  Cut huh- however actually really really hard to eat.  I forgot about that part.  I felt rude the whole time.  Any advice?


It was a lot of fun and a lot of fun to get to spend time with my class mates and a few of the GA’s.  The GA’s are great and are so willing to teach us new things.


It got me excited.  Our group goes in two weeks and our theme is earth day.  I can’t wait to show you all the fun food and decorations!  Ya’ll will love it

Well friends, while it looks like my major is all fun and games, it’s not.  I have a Management test on Thursday and a Anatomy test on Friday (fun?).  I need to be on the ball for the next two days.  I’m a big study ahead of time kind of kid so I don’t feel a lot of pressure to cram, but I need to focus.

Before that I have kids (babysitting) and then a workout.  I want to try to make it to bootcamp (cross your fingers).

Have a lovely wednesday- half way through the week


I’ve never been a huge baseball fan.  If I’m not at the game. . . well. . . baseball on TV is not my thing.  I love basketball on TV and am even okay with football but baseball. . .  This may be because I way (okay my brothers way) prefer college to professional sports.  We are Big Ten all the way!  (again brothers- but not Ohio State we don’t like Ohio State).

Tuesday I was talking to the boy who sits next to me in my management class.  We were discussing the end of March madness and how I felt bad for Butler, they just couldn’t get it together.  I said, man what sport do I watch now- I will really miss march madness.  His response


So I decided to celebrate the start of baseball today

Go Cards

Breakfast was fast and easy today.  I have to attend a buffet for class this afternoon (we have a project were we plan budget and make a buffet meal-we also have to attend other groups meals).  It’ll be a bigger meal and the theme-kids birthday party- leads me to believe it won’t be all that healthy.  SO I decided this was a good start to my day

1 cup milk, 1 scoop protein powder, spinach, 1/2 banana

Can you tell I love the color Green?

Hi Ya’ll!

Welcome to earthy girl eats!  Today is my very first post.  I’ve been reading blogs for other three years now and decided to take the plunge!  Today seemed like a perfect day.  The sun was out, the birds were chirping, and I started my food blog.

My first blogged meal


Eaten by the light of my mac book- yes I know romantic.  I feel like this set up has college student written all over it.  Which, if you have read my about, you know I am. . .

A closer look

Sweet Potato fries (because they are the reason the world spins) and a chicken sandwich – I know I’m so exciting.  But hey I’m a college student and this is real.

A bagel thin, laughing cow light cheese, and chicken breast (I boil a few every weekend and then have them as a meat option through the week).


Well friend I have two tests this week- yuck!  Have a great Tuesday and welcome to Earthy Girl Eats