Hi I’m Ellie.  I’m a 22 year old Student at ISU in Bloomington IL.  When in college the first question everyone asks you is- what are you studying?  When I answer Nutrition and Dietetics I commonly get asked questions about food.  What do you think about (insert) diet or (insert) food?  What do you buy at the grocery store?  Can you make a food plan for me?  Or simply- I need to talk to you.

Truth is, I just started.  I studied social work at Saint Louis University for my first bachelors.  I loved what I was studying but I’m pretty sure I was a candidate for early burn out.  While on a run (where all my good ideas come to me) it hit me.  Nutrition and Dietetics would allow me to fulfill my need to help but allow me to have enough distance to do my job without fear of burnout.

So I’m backtracking.  I’m doing a second bachelors degree (normal really only in the world of dietetics and nursing).  I’m back in state to take advantage of lower tuition.  I’m closer to home.  I’m babysitting for anything form 10 to 15 hours to pay the bills.

What besides studying and babysitting do I enjoy?  I’m a runner.  I started running at the age of 11.  At first it was just a social outlet but my senior year of high school I learned to compete.  I ran two years at SLU and then decided to join my non NCAA athlete (but very much athlete) friends in running marathons I feel in love with the race after my first marathon, Saint Louis, and knew the question was not if but when I would do my next marathon.  Fall of 2008 I ran Grand Rapids, spring of 2009 I ran Boston (yes I qualified), and then Fall of 2009 I ran Chicago.  I was preparing to run Champaign (home) in the spring of 2010 when bursitis flared up in my left knee.  I have spent the last year nursing the injury and just recently decided to start training again.  I plan to do at least one half marathon this spring and one half next fall in preparation for Houston 2011 marathon in January.

Other Questions


What is your PR?

5K: 19:17 – but that was in my NCAA athlete days.  These days my training is more distance based so I consider a good 5K to be under 21 minutes.


Marathon: 3:26:17- Boston 2009.


What are your Race Goals?


With two halves and a full next winter I have some different race goals.  Being that this will be my first half (yes I jumped right into full marathons) I’m not exactly sure what is realistic but


Half Marathon Goal: 1: 40


Full Marathon Goal: under 3:20


What was your favorite Marathon?

No question hands down- BOSTON!  Boston was truly a race that made me proud to be a member of the running community.  I met some really cool people those 26.2 miles and had some really great conversations.  We cheered for and with each other.  I finished with an older Puerto Rican man who finished cheering for me as I finished cheering for him.  I get goose bumps just thinking about it!



What do you want to do once you become an RD?


Great question and the answer is . . . no idea.  If you have any suggestions let me know.


What is your food philosophy?

This one is a simple-All thing in moderation.  While sometimes I’m not so good at moderation, it’s my goal.  I don’t say no to dessert every single time and often, just like everyone else, I say yes more than I should.  Part of the reason I decided to start this blog is to be honest with myself.  I, like others, tend to have a bad habit of “forgetting” (or is it simply lying to myself because I don’t want to change).


As Americans fall further and further out of health I feel some of our answers could be solved by simple honesty.  That honesty needs to begin by being honest with ourselves.  We cannot be perfect, but we can be honest.  One cookie is actually very different than three and the number on the scale is telling the truth about our health.  Even if we run 4 miles everyday, if we are overweight we are overweight.  If we are honest, weight loss should come easily.


Honesty however can be very hard to take.  Honestly means we don’t always get what we want.  Honesty means we face the number on the scale and adjust to make changes.