In a perfect world I would wake up at 6:30 and run 6 miles.  I would go to work and maybe hit a yoga class during my lunch hour or after work.  Then I would come home and put a perfect dinner together.  I would use my homemade noodles from the weekend and chicken from my farm and vegetables from my garden. . .

Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

I know better than to even say someday though-but maybe a few times in my life- MAYBE 🙂

Oh and my perfect husband and 3 beautiful children who never get in trouble and only do what their mother asks them. . .

Yeah right

I’m not perfect I don’t expect or even want perfect

So after a 6 mile run and three minute sets of


shoulder presses

back lunges




sumo squats

lat raises

sit ups

and then i had dinner- a very easy but very good dinner

Wow thats a tiny picture- it’s Lean Cuisine Chicken Margarita which turned out to look more like this

It hit the spot- I beefed it up with some broccoli and dug in

I used dessert to squeeze in an extra fruit serving.  I wish I did this often- but in all truth and honesty I tend to go for real dessert

A red pear that I ate while finishing this post

Hope you all had a wonderful day!  Our weather was wonderful and I really hope it sticks around for a few more days- at least through the weekend- I need to shower and do some homework