My good friend Matty D likes to call people “home slice”.  Example: Home Slice I hear it’s your birthday (text message from yesterday).


thanks urban dictionary- turns out it’s homeslice- one world and means

Friend, buddy, pal
Me ‘n my homeslice are going to chill down at the mall today.

He also uses homeskillet from time to time- turns out it means

N: Friend. Partner. Amigo.
I will see you tomorrow homeskillit.

gotta love urban dictionary!  It can really help when you don’t know what someone is saying 🙂


To me however, both homeslice and homeskillit remind me of FOOD.

home slice is a homemade slice of pizza or pie

homeskillet is a skillet full of something wonderful- like scrambled eggs


Which brings me to my lunch of eggs

One boiled egg, a tiny bit of olive oil mayonase, a little bit of salt, and finally some lemon juice

On a bagel thin- I love bagel thins- they are kind of wonderful and make sandwiches seem like more fun don’t you think

plus a half a yellow pepper and three unpictured carrots – if you can’t tell I snack on carrots a lot- this works well for me- I get the fiber, the veggies, sweet and crunchy


Well folks I’m hoping to make it in time for bootcamp today- cross your fingers