First a recap of last night

Oh Yes I did!  I wanted to not “cook” last night but I wanted food that tasted good.  There is a Moe’s down the street and I remembered that they pride themselves on healthier food.  However, a they filled my bad with tortilla chips (must have been a birthday treat) so ummmm. . . not as healthy as I though.

Plus my bad weighed SO much.  WHen I picked up my bag I thought- HOLY MOLY that weighs a ton

check out my Joe of Donut

Yep that is one huge Joe of a Donut- YUM!  Plus more than plenty of guac!  I like my healthy fats!

I also consumed more than plenty of dove dark chocolate.  What can I say- it WAS my birthday.


So when I woke today I knew I needed to get back on track.  I try to do this after I eat unhealthy one day.  My goal is to eat healthy almost all of the time- however, form time to time I am okay with splurging.  Splurges happen and really I think they are okay and good for you.  Eating healthy is great but hey- it was my birthday 🙂


So when I woke up I knew I needed to start the day off healthy-I did get an extra hour of sleep which felt WONDERFUL.  The weather called for something very amazing- great for my bike ride to and from class

A smoothie made of 1/2 banana, 1 cup milk, and one scoop protein powder.  I’m not a huge fan of this protein powder so I added some vanilla.  I learned my lesson.  Stick with a protein powder you know tastes good.

This smoothie really filled me up.

As I said, getting back to healthy after a day off is important, but not always easy.  When I let myself be unhealthy sometimes it snow balls and I want to keep eating unhealthy.  SO  I try to restart with a clean plate.

Do Ya’ll have any suggestions

For me it’s about being “On”.  I need to have plenty of sleep and plenty of easy healthy food so I can turn an unhealthy week into a healthy week.  It’s all about starting off on the right foot and sticking with your guns for a few days.

Oh and just to inform you, unhealthy food will reenter my life soon

Ellie Krieger carrot cake cupcakes may have to happen soon

Much Love