It really is!  I’m 23 years old.  I keep my birthday on the DL for the most part.  It’s not listed on facebook . . .   After 21 I think birthdays are really only significant if you have a significant other and well. . .  I don’t SO I celebrate in little ways

Like painting my nails this amazing new color

I know it’s not fun, but I like it.  I think it looks very elegant.  It’ Jazz by Essie

I’m in LOVE with this color!

I also treated my Hair to a deep condition a la Henna and Placenta (I know this kind of freaks me out a little also but I love the way my hair feels after it)

I also picked up one of my favorite foods for breakfast

Cranberry Apple bread, plenty of butter, and some grapes.

and just purchased some Allison Krauss because I basically LOVE her and she is from my hometown.

Other Single Girl Birthday Treats

An Extra Long RUn

Choboni Cherry Yogurt

Possibly picking up dinner ( I never do this)


23- I think this next year is gonna ROCK