While I was running today I could just smell spring.  The soil, the grass, the dirt, and I swear even the sun smelled like spring.  Plus I saw lots of my very favorite flower

Daffodils!  I LOVE daffodils.  They are such a happy friendly flower and they smell AMAZING.  Plus they are the first spring flower so they remind me that winter is done!

My workout today was pretty simple I took advantage of the sun and

Ran 5 miles

did Jillian Shred it with Weight

I thought about taking a boot camp class at the gym but that would have forced me to miss out on the sun.  I’m not okay with that.

When I finished my with Jillian I knew I needed to get some fuel in me fast.  It was almost 8:30.  I LOVE long days, but this seems to happen to me a lot.

I though a salad sounded nice but I knew it needed to be kind of packed with goods- so I followed my salad for dinner rules

Go Big or GO Home

So I present

This Salad my friend is not for babies.  It’s for grown up girls only

That is a massive amount of spinach, half a chicken breast, more than plenty whole wheat pasta, half a yellow bell pepper, oh and some amazing black olives.  All with a lovely drizzle of light Itallion dressing.


It really hit the spot and now I feel ready to tackle some homework.  Well maybe I’ll shower first – I’m deep conditioning my hair tonight and then painting my nails a brand new color.  I’ll tell ya’ll about it in the morn