Sorry to go MIA on ya’ll.  Life got a little crazy this weekend. . .  But I’m back.

As I have told you-green is my favorite color.  Being that it’s spring outside, it just feels and seems green!  I love the buds on the trees and the clover and the spring flowers that are jumping up all over the place.

Being that I love green, I found a way to incorporate it into my breakfast and lunch today


I Present a Green Smoothie- I had some spinach that really needed to be eaten up so this was the natural way to dispose of it

Made of Two huge handfuls of spinach, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 a cup milk (a little more than that), one scoop vanilla protein powder, and 1/2 cup water

Plenty of Green foam

I was sad, I didn’t like the protein powder as much as my normal brand.  I’ll have to switch back when I finish off this carton.

Then it was off the class.  We started the respiratory system in anatomy. . .  Yep not a lot to report.  Lunch was fun though

A green yogurt bowl of key lime greek yogurt, an apple, and a half a cup of kashi go lean.

proof that under that huge apple is yogurt and kashi go lean

I used Yoplait Key Lime yogurt.  Have you had it yet?

I’m not usually a huge yoplait fan.  When it comes to greek yogurt at my Grocery Store, yoplait is always a lot cheaper than other brands.  However, I really like this flavor.  It tasted fresh.  It really hit the spot on this springish day!

SO that is my question for ya’ll

What is your favorite brand of greek yogurt?

Mine has to be fage with honey!  But as I stated above it’s never the cheapest so I never buy it.  If I lived in a world of endless money I would eat Fage with honey every day