I can always tell when it’s a test week because all I want to do on Friday is curl up and go back to bed.  It doesn’t help that it is grey and rainy out. . .  BUT I have a test to take today- so a little cramming/looking things over was needed.  Breakfast was easy and good today

Coffee of course, some yogurts with a chunk of homemade granola bar in it

Yep doesn’t that look yummy.  I wish I could say that was all the homemade granola bar that made it’s way into my belly-but in all truth and honesty I nibbled a lot as I bagged two to take to my friends.  Only putting that much in my bowl was my attempt to go with a little (little  being the key word) portion control.  You know how that works.

In honor of our probiotic lesson- my TA gave us probiotic yogurt.  She had a lot of different brands but I hit the jackpot and got a stonybrook field yogurt

I hadn’t had stonyfield in a long time and I forgot how much I love how it’s not sugary sweet.  Just has a hint of sweetness.  Well a busy day is ahead of me.  I need to take my test, workout, come home and shower, return to class, and babysit.  My laundry also needs to get done and then I’m headed home for the weekend.  I’m “little brother” sitting this weekend.  Side note, my little brother is 18 and does not need me, my Mom just likes it better if we are both home so she knows he comes home at night.