For the last four days we have had rain in our forecasted and while it’s been grey it did not start raining until tonight.  On my way home from babysitting it started coming down.  Doesn’t look like it will stop for the next few days.  SO bring on the rain- let it wash away and clean up after our winter.

It will be nice to clean things up again and the trees will green up a little more.  The buds on the trees started appearing this week and I’m thinking after this rain things will even look better!

My workout today was enjoyable.  I had a little extra time because I finished my test early.  I hit the gym and did 20 minutes elypical and 15 minutes on the bike while waiting for a friend.  We ran for a good hard 40 minutes and caught up on life.  My stomach was feeling a little funny but we had a lot of fun.

I wanted a simple lunch and needed some veggies and some caffeine. . . SO

two carrots and some black tea really hit the spot.

I learned about pre and pre biotics in class today!  Very interesting. take away message

probiotics are good for you but prebiotics are amazing for you!

must do more research on prebiotics

Dinner tonight was at Panera while studying the heart- test on the cardiovascular system in the morn

I again went with veggies and lean meat.  A Asian chicken salad with a whole grain baggett on the side.  This really hit the spot but to be honest with you- had a little more dressing than I normally like.

Babysitting went great and on the way home I picked up the things I needed to make granola bars.  Two of my good friends have a huge biochem test after our cardiovascular test on Friday.  Biochem is the hardest class we have to get through and for them it’s even harder.  They have the crap teacher.  I will have a better teacher this summer- but that still means I have to work like a dog for 6 weeks.  I wanted to make them some granola bars so they had something fun. . .

I may have nibbled some banana (okay a bunch) of banana chips and a little granola bar dough.  I’m actually a little full right now- woops 🙂