I spent my whole bike ride home trying to convince myself I wanted a salad.  I mean- I’ve hardly had any vegetables today and I love salads.  I love how diverse I can make then and all the fun ingredients I can throw in. . .

But the Salad lost-

and greek yogurt won


WOW I need to work on lighting- sorry about that!  The mess really hit the spot though


That would be about a cup of kashi go lean and greek yogurt with some honey drizzled on the side an apple and a random bit of PB and J that sounded wonderful

I know veggies would have been smarter from a health standpoint but form a yummy standpoint this meal really hit the spot.  Sometimes I think it’s best to just listen to your body.



4 mile run just to feel

20 minutes on my bike to and from bootcamp class

bootcamp class- which was sadly not as hard as it was on monday.  I think my muscles really missed the workout.  I now know that when life gets busy skipping Wednesday bootcamp is not the end of the world

Studying to do- test in the AM