Hi Ya’ll!

Welcome to earthy girl eats!  Today is my very first post.  I’ve been reading blogs for other three years now and decided to take the plunge!  Today seemed like a perfect day.  The sun was out, the birds were chirping, and I started my food blog.

My first blogged meal


Eaten by the light of my mac book- yes I know romantic.  I feel like this set up has college student written all over it.  Which, if you have read my about, you know I am. . .

A closer look

Sweet Potato fries (because they are the reason the world spins) and a chicken sandwich – I know I’m so exciting.  But hey I’m a college student and this is real.

A bagel thin, laughing cow light cheese, and chicken breast (I boil a few every weekend and then have them as a meat option through the week).


Well friend I have two tests this week- yuck!  Have a great Tuesday and welcome to Earthy Girl Eats