So today I got an invite to a kids birthday party.  Although it was not an actual kids birthday party. . . It was a project for my menu planning class.  This week was my groups week to sit back and eat.  In two weeks we cook.


The place settings- very cute huh!

Their cute center piece.  This room is maybe the ugliest conference room EVER. It’s really hard making up for the ugly but they did a good job.

Lunch was fun and kid friendly

That would be chicken nugetts, macaroni soup, sweet potato fries, bow tie pasta, a breadstick and a fruit cup.  Yep I’m stuffed!

and for dessert

A ice cream cone cupcake!  Cut huh- however actually really really hard to eat.  I forgot about that part.  I felt rude the whole time.  Any advice?


It was a lot of fun and a lot of fun to get to spend time with my class mates and a few of the GA’s.  The GA’s are great and are so willing to teach us new things.


It got me excited.  Our group goes in two weeks and our theme is earth day.  I can’t wait to show you all the fun food and decorations!  Ya’ll will love it

Well friends, while it looks like my major is all fun and games, it’s not.  I have a Management test on Thursday and a Anatomy test on Friday (fun?).  I need to be on the ball for the next two days.  I’m a big study ahead of time kind of kid so I don’t feel a lot of pressure to cram, but I need to focus.

Before that I have kids (babysitting) and then a workout.  I want to try to make it to bootcamp (cross your fingers).

Have a lovely wednesday- half way through the week