I’ve never been a huge baseball fan.  If I’m not at the game. . . well. . . baseball on TV is not my thing.  I love basketball on TV and am even okay with football but baseball. . .  This may be because I way (okay my brothers way) prefer college to professional sports.  We are Big Ten all the way!  (again brothers- but not Ohio State we don’t like Ohio State).

Tuesday I was talking to the boy who sits next to me in my management class.  We were discussing the end of March madness and how I felt bad for Butler, they just couldn’t get it together.  I said, man what sport do I watch now- I will really miss march madness.  His response


So I decided to celebrate the start of baseball today

Go Cards

Breakfast was fast and easy today.  I have to attend a buffet for class this afternoon (we have a project were we plan budget and make a buffet meal-we also have to attend other groups meals).  It’ll be a bigger meal and the theme-kids birthday party- leads me to believe it won’t be all that healthy.  SO I decided this was a good start to my day

1 cup milk, 1 scoop protein powder, spinach, 1/2 banana

Can you tell I love the color Green?