In a perfect world I would wake up at 6:30 and run 6 miles.  I would go to work and maybe hit a yoga class during my lunch hour or after work.  Then I would come home and put a perfect dinner together.  I would use my homemade noodles from the weekend and chicken from my farm and vegetables from my garden. . .

Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

I know better than to even say someday though-but maybe a few times in my life- MAYBE 🙂

Oh and my perfect husband and 3 beautiful children who never get in trouble and only do what their mother asks them. . .

Yeah right

I’m not perfect I don’t expect or even want perfect

So after a 6 mile run and three minute sets of


shoulder presses

back lunges




sumo squats

lat raises

sit ups

and then i had dinner- a very easy but very good dinner

Wow thats a tiny picture- it’s Lean Cuisine Chicken Margarita which turned out to look more like this

It hit the spot- I beefed it up with some broccoli and dug in

I used dessert to squeeze in an extra fruit serving.  I wish I did this often- but in all truth and honesty I tend to go for real dessert

A red pear that I ate while finishing this post

Hope you all had a wonderful day!  Our weather was wonderful and I really hope it sticks around for a few more days- at least through the weekend- I need to shower and do some homework



My good friend Matty D likes to call people “home slice”.  Example: Home Slice I hear it’s your birthday (text message from yesterday).


thanks urban dictionary- turns out it’s homeslice- one world and means

Friend, buddy, pal
Me ‘n my homeslice are going to chill down at the mall today.

He also uses homeskillet from time to time- turns out it means

N: Friend. Partner. Amigo.
I will see you tomorrow homeskillit.

gotta love urban dictionary!  It can really help when you don’t know what someone is saying 🙂


To me however, both homeslice and homeskillit remind me of FOOD.

home slice is a homemade slice of pizza or pie

homeskillet is a skillet full of something wonderful- like scrambled eggs


Which brings me to my lunch of eggs

One boiled egg, a tiny bit of olive oil mayonase, a little bit of salt, and finally some lemon juice

On a bagel thin- I love bagel thins- they are kind of wonderful and make sandwiches seem like more fun don’t you think

plus a half a yellow pepper and three unpictured carrots – if you can’t tell I snack on carrots a lot- this works well for me- I get the fiber, the veggies, sweet and crunchy


Well folks I’m hoping to make it in time for bootcamp today- cross your fingers

First a recap of last night

Oh Yes I did!  I wanted to not “cook” last night but I wanted food that tasted good.  There is a Moe’s down the street and I remembered that they pride themselves on healthier food.  However, a they filled my bad with tortilla chips (must have been a birthday treat) so ummmm. . . not as healthy as I though.

Plus my bad weighed SO much.  WHen I picked up my bag I thought- HOLY MOLY that weighs a ton

check out my Joe of Donut

Yep that is one huge Joe of a Donut- YUM!  Plus more than plenty of guac!  I like my healthy fats!

I also consumed more than plenty of dove dark chocolate.  What can I say- it WAS my birthday.


So when I woke today I knew I needed to get back on track.  I try to do this after I eat unhealthy one day.  My goal is to eat healthy almost all of the time- however, form time to time I am okay with splurging.  Splurges happen and really I think they are okay and good for you.  Eating healthy is great but hey- it was my birthday 🙂


So when I woke up I knew I needed to start the day off healthy-I did get an extra hour of sleep which felt WONDERFUL.  The weather called for something very amazing- great for my bike ride to and from class

A smoothie made of 1/2 banana, 1 cup milk, and one scoop protein powder.  I’m not a huge fan of this protein powder so I added some vanilla.  I learned my lesson.  Stick with a protein powder you know tastes good.

This smoothie really filled me up.

As I said, getting back to healthy after a day off is important, but not always easy.  When I let myself be unhealthy sometimes it snow balls and I want to keep eating unhealthy.  SO  I try to restart with a clean plate.

Do Ya’ll have any suggestions

For me it’s about being “On”.  I need to have plenty of sleep and plenty of easy healthy food so I can turn an unhealthy week into a healthy week.  It’s all about starting off on the right foot and sticking with your guns for a few days.

Oh and just to inform you, unhealthy food will reenter my life soon

Ellie Krieger carrot cake cupcakes may have to happen soon

Much Love

During my 22nd year I


finished bachelors in social work of college


Spent the summer at home and helped my family welcome a few new members

Started a Brand new program in a brand new town

and made new friends


and had some visits form old friends

I lived through the LONG winter

To welcome the spring

and made a few fun things along the way

A tree cupcake


So to my 23 year!  I pray it bring a renewed faith and freshness




It really is!  I’m 23 years old.  I keep my birthday on the DL for the most part.  It’s not listed on facebook . . .   After 21 I think birthdays are really only significant if you have a significant other and well. . .  I don’t SO I celebrate in little ways

Like painting my nails this amazing new color

I know it’s not fun, but I like it.  I think it looks very elegant.  It’ Jazz by Essie

I’m in LOVE with this color!

I also treated my Hair to a deep condition a la Henna and Placenta (I know this kind of freaks me out a little also but I love the way my hair feels after it)

I also picked up one of my favorite foods for breakfast

Cranberry Apple bread, plenty of butter, and some grapes.

and just purchased some Allison Krauss because I basically LOVE her and she is from my hometown.

Other Single Girl Birthday Treats

An Extra Long RUn

Choboni Cherry Yogurt

Possibly picking up dinner ( I never do this)


23- I think this next year is gonna ROCK


While I was running today I could just smell spring.  The soil, the grass, the dirt, and I swear even the sun smelled like spring.  Plus I saw lots of my very favorite flower

Daffodils!  I LOVE daffodils.  They are such a happy friendly flower and they smell AMAZING.  Plus they are the first spring flower so they remind me that winter is done!

My workout today was pretty simple I took advantage of the sun and

Ran 5 miles

did Jillian Shred it with Weight

I thought about taking a boot camp class at the gym but that would have forced me to miss out on the sun.  I’m not okay with that.

When I finished my with Jillian I knew I needed to get some fuel in me fast.  It was almost 8:30.  I LOVE long days, but this seems to happen to me a lot.

I though a salad sounded nice but I knew it needed to be kind of packed with goods- so I followed my salad for dinner rules

Go Big or GO Home

So I present

This Salad my friend is not for babies.  It’s for grown up girls only

That is a massive amount of spinach, half a chicken breast, more than plenty whole wheat pasta, half a yellow bell pepper, oh and some amazing black olives.  All with a lovely drizzle of light Itallion dressing.


It really hit the spot and now I feel ready to tackle some homework.  Well maybe I’ll shower first – I’m deep conditioning my hair tonight and then painting my nails a brand new color.  I’ll tell ya’ll about it in the morn

Sorry to go MIA on ya’ll.  Life got a little crazy this weekend. . .  But I’m back.

As I have told you-green is my favorite color.  Being that it’s spring outside, it just feels and seems green!  I love the buds on the trees and the clover and the spring flowers that are jumping up all over the place.

Being that I love green, I found a way to incorporate it into my breakfast and lunch today


I Present a Green Smoothie- I had some spinach that really needed to be eaten up so this was the natural way to dispose of it

Made of Two huge handfuls of spinach, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 a cup milk (a little more than that), one scoop vanilla protein powder, and 1/2 cup water

Plenty of Green foam

I was sad, I didn’t like the protein powder as much as my normal brand.  I’ll have to switch back when I finish off this carton.

Then it was off the class.  We started the respiratory system in anatomy. . .  Yep not a lot to report.  Lunch was fun though

A green yogurt bowl of key lime greek yogurt, an apple, and a half a cup of kashi go lean.

proof that under that huge apple is yogurt and kashi go lean

I used Yoplait Key Lime yogurt.  Have you had it yet?

I’m not usually a huge yoplait fan.  When it comes to greek yogurt at my Grocery Store, yoplait is always a lot cheaper than other brands.  However, I really like this flavor.  It tasted fresh.  It really hit the spot on this springish day!

SO that is my question for ya’ll

What is your favorite brand of greek yogurt?

Mine has to be fage with honey!  But as I stated above it’s never the cheapest so I never buy it.  If I lived in a world of endless money I would eat Fage with honey every day